Save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance

Your alarm monitoring could be free!

Having an alarm system has many benefits, but one of my favorites is the fact that I can save money on my home owners insurance. I get to have peace of mind knowing my home is being protected and save money at the same time!

If you haven’t already done so, check with your insurance agent so you can receive a discount up to 20%!


1) Contact your insurance agent and find out what your discount is for having a security system that is monitored 24/7/365 by a UL listed monitoring center with redundant nationwide backups. Tip: Some companies offer greater discounts if you smoke detectors are connected to your alarm system. If they aren't already, we can help with that! Contact Us

2) If you agent can't offer you a 10% savings or more, give us a call. We have worked with many local agents that can offer great rates and discounts. We can help you locate another source

3) Request an alarm monitoring certificate or proof of security monitoring HERE

4) We will handle the rest! All you need to do is watch for your next insurance bill to make sure you are reaping the savings.